Learn to Draw Cartoon Faces

Learn to Draw Cartoon Faces

begin drawing cartoons with simple shapes
simple shapes to start cartoon drawing
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If want the simplest steps to take in creating your own cartoon characters, starting with the
easiest shapes to draw, this lesson is for you.
Can you draw basic shapes like these ones? Can you draw lines that are straight, slanted,
curved or curly? How about lines with simple angles in them like these ones? If so, then
you can create your own cartoon characters!

Face Proportions - Cartoon Face Proportions

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The first thing we need to know is that faces are basically built on crossed lines to
keep things fairly balanced. On the left is a typically proportioned face as in real life.
On the right is a cartoon face. See how they're similar?
Notice that the eyes are about half way down the face, the nose is another quarter of
the way down, and the mouth is also another quarter of the way down from the nose.

Adding Shapes to Make a Face

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Cartoon characters are fun because you can change up so many shapes and sizes.
Before I show you more about that, I need to show you how to make that basic head
 from the page before. This is kind of like math. Really fun math
You can see that this math isn't too complicated if you add just a little at a time.
You can see that each step is really just adding a very simple shape, line, or curved line.

Cartoon Face Combinations

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Cartoon characters are created when interesting COMBINATIONS of these
simple shapes and sizes are mixed up to best represent the TYPE of character
you want to create.
The line in the cross that goes up and own is best left in the center, but the lines
that go left-to-right can be raised and lowered
The shapes can change size too. See what happens when mix up the combinations?

Mix and Match Features

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There are all kinds of combinations you can make. You can start by changing
the shape of the head. Real life heads may be oval shaped, but cartoon heads
can have many shapes! Try changing the shape of the noses too. Each shape
gives a different look, with a different personality.
Now you're ready to add some hair and experiment with features. Go to part
two of this tutorial, Cartoon Faces Continued. Have fun!
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